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To standardize Quality of Life measures we think it is essential to achieve consensus with all who are involved. Therefore, we organize consensus meetings with both people living with obesity as well as healthcare providers.

S.Q.O.T. symposium ECO 2023

On the 17th of May 2023 S.Q.O.T. will present a symposium at the ECO conference in Dublin with the title:

Integrating the patients’ perspective in obesity care: using patient-reported outcome measures in clinical practices, research and registries.

S.Q.O.T. III Meeting

The S.Q.O.T. III meeting was held in Maastricht, the Netherlands, on the 2nd and 3rd of May 2022. A standard set of PROMs to measure quality of life in obesity treatment was defined (for research and clinical practice).

We are currently working on the meeting summary and scientific publication.

S.Q.O.T. II Meeting

The S.Q.O.T. II meeting was held online. The goal of this meeting was to decide on the final selection of PROMs to measure quality of life in research for treatment of obesity.


We are currently working on the scientific publication of this meeting.

S.Q.O.T. I Meeting

The S.Q.O.T. I meeting was held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, on the 1st and 2nd of September 2019 and focussed on moving towards consensus on the preferred patient-reported outcome measure to assess quality of life in people living with obesity. 


The meeting was attended by 35 individuals from different countries around the world and represents a wide range of sectors including people living with obesity and healthcare providers.

In this first meeting:

- We discussed and selected the key domains for quality of life

- We selected PROMs for these key domains

The results of this meeting were published in Obesity Reviews.

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